Never Lose Hope.

"I tried to hold on but I kept on, sinking down, just like an anchor."


My dear sweet girl,

When you are old but not too young and young but not too old, you will fall in love. With a person. Perhaps a boy, perhaps a girl, maybe even someone who may identify as both. Whoever it is, you will love them with all of your precious heart. You will have so much to give and you will give it all. You will give until there is nothing left, until you are practically empty. And the one you love might give their all to you to.

But darling, they might not. The one you love might not love as much as you will. It’s possible that they might love someone else, or that your love didn’t come to them at the right time. They might not be ready for love—ready for you. And my dear, they might leave.

What I want you to know is that it will hurt. It will hurt like none other when the one you love does not love you back. It will burn and it will sear when they leave—once they’ve branded and claimed your heart and it’s too late for you to get it back. You will miss them like you would a part of your own body. There will be a hole in your chest, and its pain will pierce you in the middle of the night.

There will be tears. Lots of them. You will not know what to do with yourself. You will clutch your stomach and sob, maybe even collapse on the ground. I did once. Your makeup will run, your eyes will be red, and your hands will shake. It will be hell.

Now, my angel, the reason I am telling you all of this is not to scare you. You should not be afraid of love. You should pursue it even, look for it and seize it when you have the chance. I only want to warn you about heartbreak and its side effects. When I was young, no one ever told me how much it would hurt and how I would feel the first time my heart was broken. It hit me like a hurricane.

I want you to be prepared for the storm, dearest. I want you to be able to withstand the rain when it comes. And when it comes, you will not be huddled inside an isolated room, cold and afraid and alone. You will have your own fire to keep you warm.


Letters to My Daughter (via thoseconstellations)